Code of Conduct

Students’ Rights

All staff and students at our school will make every effort to ensure that students in our school have the right to:

  • Learn in a safe, peaceful and Catholic environment
  • Know what behaviour is expected of them while at school or on school functions
  • Be protected from physical harm and verbal abuse
  • Have positive behaviour recognized and reinforced
  • Have their concerns heard
  • Be treated fairly, with kindness and caring

Expectations of Student Conduct

All students are expected to:

  • Perform their role as a student learner to the best of their ability
  • Treat others in the school with kindness and respect
  • Work and play safely
  • Respect, listen to and respond to teacher or adult supervisors
  • Follow school and classroom rules and regulations set out by teachers
  • Take pride in the facility and resources at school and treat them with respect
  • Monitor other students and encourage positive conduct by everyone

Dress Code

Clothing is to be modest and respectful for the classroom.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Shirts that can be tucked in (no midriff showing) and no slogans that are deemed inappropriate for a Catholic school.
  • Caps and hats are not allowed in school or at school functions.
  • Shirts or tops must completely cover the shoulders and the back is not to be exposed.
  • Shorts and skirts must have enough length to have the bottom hem or skirt reach no higher than mid-thigh.
  • Students should not have any undergarments visible at any time (top or bottom).
  • Students that do not comply with this dress code will be asked to change or call their parents to bring appropriate clothing.


Students are not to bring valuables to school. All clothing (i.e. boots, mitts, coats) and school supplies should be clearly labelled with the child’s first and last name. All students are to have a pair of indoor shoes that are stored in their homeroom classroom. Boots or outdoor shoes are placed on assigned boot racks, the students are to go to their classrooms and put on their indoor shoes. This practice ensures that students wear shoes all day and are prepared for fire drills and also helps keep the school as clean as possible.

We strongly discourage students from bringing expensive toys to school. Items such as video games, MP3 players, trading cards and game cards should be left at home.