Our Staff

École Our Lady of the Rosary School Team

Mrs. Andrea Gringhuis, Principal

Mr. David Griffin, Vice-Principal 

Mrs. Loretta Zolinski, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Melissa Weik, Administrative Assistant

Collaborative Classroom

Mrs. Tamara Neilly

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Lila Tighe

Mrs. Kristine Parsons

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Angela Fercho, English

M. Marc Robichaud, English

Mlle.  Mary LeBlanc, French Immersion

Grade 1 Teachers

Mrs. Janelle Gates, English

Mrs. Jessica Cumming-Stangl, English on Maternity Leave

Miss. Suzanne Ryl, English

Mme Chantal Moroney, French Immersion

Grade 2 Teachers

Mrs. Sherry Delaurier, English

Miss. Nicole Eleniak, English 

Miss. Krystal Coueslan, English

Mme. Kaela Masikewich, French Immersion

Grade 3 Teachers

Ms. Sherisse Gervais, English

Ms. Jan Cowie, English

M Roderick Rivera, French Immersion

Grade 4 Teachers

Mrs. Cara Belcher, English

Miss. Stephanie Cardinal, English

M. Alex Cadotte, French Immersion

School Specialists

Mrs. Mandy Cuellar, Counsellor

Mrs. Stephanie Hebert, PE Teacher/Classroom Teacher on Maternity Leave

Mrs. Nicole Dorie, PE Teacher/Classroom Teacher  

Mrs. Tamara Neilly, Inclusion Lead Teacher

Mrs. Melissa Grant, Family School Enhancement Counsellor

Mme. Chantal Moroney, Faith Coach 

Support Staff 

Mrs. Laura Robinson, Library Technician

Mrs. Christine Marstaller, SLP Assistant

Mrs. Erika Moelhoff, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Sherri Lavallee, Educational Assistant

Mme Josée Lakeman, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Julie Foley, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Coreen Spencer, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Jocelyn Blanke, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Tracy Paron, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Corinne McLean, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Carlyn Byrne, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Andrea Myhr, Educational Assistant

Ms. Amber Bishop, Educational Assistant