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I am a SUPER READER - January

One of the ways our Library/Learning Commons is fostering a love of reading with our students is through the I am a Super Reader program. When students move up a level or when staff see them being a Super Reader they are given a Super Reader cupon with their name on it to be entered into our Super Reader draw. Congratulations to all of our students who were entered into the draw! Those students who were selected to win a book were:

Millie in M Cadotte's class

Isabella in Mrs. Delaurier's class

Jaxon in Mlle LeBlanc's class

Ava in Mme Basta's class

Maddison in Mrs. Belcher's class

Chandler in Miss. Eleniak's class

Vinae in Mme Fader's class

Harper in Mr. Wettstein's class

Ruby in Mme Rivera's class

Congratulations January Super Readers!

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