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Chromebooks have arrived!

In February 2016, School Council was asked to raise up to $11,000 to purchase 30 Chromebooks for EOLRS students.  They immediately got to work planning fundraisers with the sole purpose of raising money for Chromebooks.

With the help of Brenda Moffatt and Big Moo, a successful Steeped Tea fundraiser was held in March and April 2016 and $1735 was raised.  Two art actions were held, one during Student Led Conferences and the other during the Project Base Learning Open House.  Staff and parent volunteers worked together on these two fundraisers which raised $1887.  Many volunteer hours and collaboration went in to organizing the Family Carnival held in May.  The carnival was a huge success, with a large turnout and $3191 being raised.  A donation jar also contributed to Chromebook funds, with $143.60 collected.

A few EOLRS students took it upon themselves to help raise funds for Chromebooks.  Alexis Scheffelmaier and Alexa Visscher held a popcorn sale and raised $163.45.  Emily-Juene and Adalyn Spotter collected bottles from their neighbours and raised $214.85.  Way to go girls!

School Council teamed up with a guest teacher, Loretta Hermary, who wanted to help out EOLRS students with the Chromebook fundraising efforts.  Staff and parent volunteers helped out at the “Ryan LaBorde Memorial Ball Tournament,” an annual event Loretta Hermary’s family organizes in memory of her son.  Loretta Hermary and her family generously donated $2300 of the proceeds from the tournament to School Council.  A huge thank you goes out to this wonderful family!

We are so excited to report that after all of the fundraising efforts, 30 Chromebooks were purchased and students have already started using them.  These Chromebooks will allow students to learn how to research and learn online, which will help immensely with Project Based Learning.  Chromebooks will also aid in teaching students how to use various formats to present information and unlike iPads, allow Flash and an opportunity for students to learn keyboarding skills.  In addition to all of this Chromebooks will allow students to be better prepared for the grade three online Student Learner Assessment.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the Chromebook fundraising efforts! 


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