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Merry Christmas from our Admin Team

Dear Families of École Our Lady of The Rosary School,

At École Our Lady of the Rosary School our foundation lies in providing a safe and caring environment where we are learning, listening and following Jesus. On behalf of École Our Lady of the Rosary School staff, we wish all our school families a blessed Christmas. May the celebration of Christ’s birth bring much joy and happiness to you and yours.  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Prayer 

We thank you, God for twinkling lights, reminding us that Jesus is the Light of the World. 

We thank you God for evergreen boughs, representing the eternal life we will enjoy with Christ in Heaven. 

We thank you, God for the Nativity scenes that tell the story of your birth. 

We thank you, God for brightly wrapped gifts, reminding us of the holy gift you have given us: the gift of Jesus, your Son.

We thank you, God. Amen.

Merry Christmas,

Rob Coumont and Lisa Alford

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