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Seven Sacred Teachings - Love

Once again this year our students are learning about The Seven Sacred Teachings. The Seven Sacred Teachings are values based in First Nations cultural tradition that reinforce the teachings of our Catholic faith. Each teaching honours one of the basic virtues to help us to live a full and healthy life: Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility, and Truth. Each of these Sacred Teachings is represented by a different animal and provides practical and positive traits for use in our everyday lives.

Every child in our school will be celebrated for demonstrating one or more of these teachings during the school year.  This will happen during our monthly Awards Celebrations. 

Mrs. Delaurier's class led the Celebration Monday by reminding our students about what they have learned about Love.  According to, to feel true love is to know the Creator.  Therefore, it is expected that one's first love is the Creator. Love given to the Creator is expressed through love for oneself, and it is understood that if one cannot love oneself, it is impossible to love anyone else.  

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded for displaying Love:

Mrs. Fader's Kindergarten Class

Kayn B. - Christopher K. - Bentley R. - Oscar L. - Alyssa L. 

Mrs. Scherren's Kindergarten Class

Jaxon G. - Arianna M-C - Lee S. 

Misss. LeBlanc's Grade One Class

Bowen F. - Isabella T. - Peyton H.

Mrs. Gates' Grade One Class

Chance W. - Maxim P. - Vinae R. 

Mrs. Eleniak's Grade One Class

Harper Z.

Mme Basta's Grade One Class

Dominic C. - Aysia R. - Brynley F. 

Mlle Boucher's Grade One/Two Class

Oliver P.

Mrs. Delaurier's Grade Two Class

Jake F. - Bree B. - Allie O.

Mrs. Cumming/Mrs. Duda's Grade Two Class

Ethan G. - Layla C. - Alisha P. 

Mme Masikewich's Grade Two Class

Layla M. - Seth S. - Persaeus L.

Miss. Gervais' Grade Three Class

Brady P. - Tina L. - Lilly T. - Paislee Z. - Ryden D. 

Mrs. Belcher's Grade Three Class

Cali N. - Brianna S. - Aaliyah L. - Aidan S. 

M Cadotte's Grade Three Class

Charlize W. & Knoxley L.  

M Rivera's Grade Three Class

Presley L.

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