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I am a Leader Awards-Habit #2

At École Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School, we

recognize student leadership.  We announce the students names at an assembly and post their certificates on our

I am a Leader Bulletin Board which can be seen in our Gathering Area. 


This month our students are being recognized for their Leadership in:


Have a Plan

I plan ahead and set goals for myself. I am prepared at all times. I think about how the choices I make now will affect my future. I think about the positive or negative consequences of my actions before I act.

Chase Belcher KFA2               Harmony Horner KFA2             Lexi MacMillan KFA2

Jager Schwab KFA2                Ryleigh Gates KFA2                  Adalyn Spotter KFA2

Millie Bilodeau KFA                Gavin Brown-Mobbs KFA          Layla Mooney KFA

Quinn Mooney KFA                 Lawson Sumka KEA                  Joli Myette KEA

Ali Grodeck KEA                      Allie Ondik KEA                        Bryn Golden KEA

McKaela Howard 1GE              Marly Hatt 1GE                         Lyncon Kenny 1GE

Kyle Ulseth 1GF                       Kayden Downey 1GF                Rowan James 1GF

Karlena Lohrenz 1F                Logan Shymr 1F                      Gracelynn Simms 1F

Brian Wentzell 1K                  Jayce St. Martin 1K                  Lexi Marsh 1K

Sarah Hodges 2B                   Paige Moffat 2B                       Emily-Juene Spotter 2B

Clover Deets 2M                    Kaden Howard 2M                    Piper Oxner 2M

Alexa Visscher 2A                  Victoria Tensen 2A                   Maiya Wakey 2S

Mark Broks 2S                       Alexis Schefflemeier 2S            Blaise Grodecki 2S


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