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Big Daddy Pizza Visits Kindergarten!

As part of the Kindergarten PBL study on careers in the future, Big Daddies Pizzeria owners Craig and Trish Poirier came into to the Kindergarten English Wed/Fri classes to present to students all of the things that you need to do to run your own pizzeria.  We had a chance to smell the sauce, touch the dough, we got to see Mr. Poirier hand toss the dough and throw it way up high in the air!  Then he made us a pizza right in front of our eyes.  We then did a pizza dance for our guests.  Afterward Mrs. Tighe and Mrs. Holst surprised us with pizza from Big Daddies for lunch!  It was delissioso!!

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Great job Craig, the kids really enjoy watching you make pizza and love eating it to.