Our Staff

École Our Lady of the Rosary School Team

Mme Diane Kulczycki, Principal

Mrs. Tracy Trieber, Assistant Principal 

Mrs. Loretta Zolinski, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Tara Spotter, Administrative Assistant

Pre- Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Tamara Neilly

Mrs Annette Scherrens-Sehlstrom

Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Carmen Holst, English

Mrs. Lila Tighe, English 

Mme Theresa Wiart, French Immersion

Mme Nermine Basta, French Immersion

Grade 1 Teachers

Ms. Amanda Kinsella, English 

Mrs. Janelle Gates, English

Mme Renée Frolick, French Immersion

Mme Karen Glynn, French Immersion 

Grade 2 Teachers

Mr. Jordan Aimoe, English

Ms. Jessica McMillan, English

Mrs. Jan Sopracolle, English

Mme Amanda Bulger, French Immersion, Faith Coach

School Specialists

Mrs. Lynda Gamroth, Counsellor, Faith Coach

Ms. Stephanie Hebert, PE Teacher

Mme Marguerite Masson, French Immersion Lift Teacher

Mrs. Mandy Cuellar, Lift Teacher 

Support Staff 

Mrs. Pearl O'Gorman, Library Technician 

Mrs. Marianne Shannon, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Erika Moelhoff, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Colleen Halwa, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Sherri Lavallee, Educational Assistant

Mme Josée Lakeman, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Carolyn Lush, Educational Assistant

Ms. Kathy Beauchamp, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Julie Foley, Educational Assistant

Ms. Michelle McCarthy, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Mary Warrener, Educational Assistant

Mrs. Toni Lassu, Family School Enhancement Counsellor