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FNMI-Seven Sacred Teachings

Today's celebration incorporated the concepts of respect and sharing that form the foundation of the Native American way of life.  This is built around the seven natural laws , or sacred reachings.  Each teaching honours one of the basic virtues intrinsic to a full an healthy life.  Each law is embodied by an animal to underscore the point that all actions and decisions made by man are manifest on a physical plain.  The animal world taught man how to live close to the earth; the connection that has been established between the animal world and that of man has instilled a respect for all life in those who follow the traditional way.

The Eagle teaches us LOVE.

-Love must be unconditional.

The Buffalo teaches us RESPECT.

-Respect is the condition of being honoured.

The Bear teaches us COURAGE.

-Courage is the ability to face danger, fear, or changes with confidence and bravery.

The Sabe teaches us HONESTY.

-Honesty is speaking and acting truthfully, and thereby remained morally upright.

The Beaver teaches us WISDOM.

-Wisdom is the abilty to make decisions based on personal knowledge and experience.

The Wolf teaches us HUMILITY.

-Humility is being humble not arrogant.

The Turtle teaches us TRUTH.

-Truth is to know and understand all the seven teachings have given us by the Creator and to remain faithful to them.



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